Rental lock solutions

Rental lock solutions

Rental lock solutions

Our Devices

MyLock devices have been completely developed by ourselves especially for the Selfstorage industry. Your customers can enter with a pin code and at the same time enter by using your App. You can manage the Pin codes yourself in the Cloud. It is also possible to link selfstorage management software, which makes managing your (unmanned) storage even easier. An API is available.

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My APP IOs/Android

MyLock offers you and your customers the possibility to work with a personalized IOs/ Android app. The app will have a design that fits nicely fits with your company look and feel. Your customers can edit their details and view and download their invoices. Besides this your customers can of course open all doors  , edit their details and open all doors and operate elevators by using the app. When you link with you storage management system your customers also can book additional storage rooms and give notice. Your customers can also give entrance to third parties such as family and suppliers within their account in the app. That is very convenient for your business clients with deliveries in their storage rooms.

Functions of the app:

  • Download and print invoices
  • Edit customer details
  • Entrance management for third parties
  • Book additional storage rooms and give notice (when using the link to your management system)
  • Open all doors and operate elevators

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About us

MyLock is a young High-tech company with enthusiastic professionals. Our mission is to develop a entrance system for the storage industry that is easy to apply in all situations. There is a device and/or lock  for every door and situation. From elevator to roll-up to fully wireless with alarm and even a camera. It’s a hybrid system with pin code and at the same time an App. to access. Perfect for unmanned storage companies.


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