About us

MyLock is a young High-tech company with enthusiastic professionals. Our mission is to develop a entrance system for the storage industry that is easy to apply in all situations. There is a device and/or lock  for every door and situation. From elevator to roll-up to fully wireless with alarm and even a camera. It’s a hybrid system with pin code and at the same time an App. to access. Perfect for unmanned storage companies.


Do you offer a app for our tenants in our company look and feel?

Yes, we offer you and your costumers a personalized app (IOs/Android).

Can I use MyLock devices without selfstorage management software?

Yes you can by using a free MyLock account.

Can I order MyLock devices direct from you?

Yes of course and we help you all the way with installtions.

Can I test and/or get a demonstration of your systems?

Sure. Please contact us here and we will arrange it.

Can I use MyLock devices and system with my existing selfstorage management system?

Yes, we offer the possibilty to connect your system to our Cloud (API).

In which country can I use the MyLock devices and system?

You can use our devices and systems everywhere as long as there is Wifi available.

How long does a battery last in your devices?

That depends on the use of the devices. By normal us the battery lasts at least for 20 months.

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