About us

MyLock is a young High-tech company with enthusiastic professionals. Our mission is to develop a entrance system for the storage industry that is easy to apply in all situations. There is a device or lock for every door and situation developed. From elevator to roll-up to fully wireless with alarm and even a camera. It’s a hybrid system with pin code and at the same time an App. to access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an app in my company style?

Yes, we build your personalized app (iOS and Android) for you and place it under your name in the app stores.

Can I manage locks without management software?

Yes, you can manage the locks yourself in your account MyLock account.

Can I buy locks directly from you?

Yes, you can buy locks or lease them from us. We offer full service.

Can I test and/or view locks myself?

Yes please contact us for an demonstration appointment.

Can I use MyLOCK devices with my management system?

Yes, there is a possibility to create a software link (API) from your software with our MyLock software.

In which countries can I use the MyLOCK system?

In all countries and buildings as long there is WIFI and internet available.

How long does a device work on 1 battery charge?

We replace the battery for you so you do not need to replace batteries! Besides this it depends on the use. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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