Entrance technology. What is possible?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | MyLock EN

Unmanned or with employees? Its up to you.

Within the selfstorage industry, one thing is paramount: you must be able to give your tenants access to their storage box. The way you make it possible is entirely up to you.  You can opt for unmanned, whereby tenants aranges his own digital access 24/7. Or you can opt for a combination of manned during opening hours in addition to unmanned. With unmanned you can choose whether access doors can be opened by means of a  GSM, pin codes or a personal APP device by the tenants. MyLock offers a suitable solution for all scenarios.

What lock do you use?

There are many different locks within the self-storage market. MyLock has chosen to offer almost all possibilities with a limited number of devices. Taking into account the position that quality, reliability and user-friendliness come first. Due to our own development, we have a full range of devices that can be used in different ways.

Electronic storage box locks

MyLock has proven electronic door locks for the storage boxes, which can be used for both roller doors and revolving doors. By entering a pin code or using an APP, the door of the box can be easily opened, without the need for a key or card. The locks are also equipped with a Box alarm and Box camera. The access code or APP can easily be provided digitally, so that an employee on location is no longer necessary.

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